COPA EUROPE participated in the Alpine Elf Europa Cup for Use Case 3 final trial!!

COPA EUROPE successfully deployed the UGC APP of its glass-to-glass sports use case

COPA EUROPE ran a very successful trial during the Alpine elf Europa Cup, that took place at the Dijon-Prenois car race tracks the 16th and 17th of June.

COPA EUROPE team was hosted by the RCC (Race Cars Consulting) team, with one of their two cars equipped with Ektacom’s Nomade Cars on-board video system prototype. Nomade Cars enables live video streaming from inside the car, and was interfaced with COPA EUROPE streaming platform, hosted by FORTH in Crete.

LiveU was present with their multi-link bonding 5G enabled LU800 encoder-transmitter, that allowed video taken by a professional cameraman to be streamed live through COPA EUROPE streaming platform, and recorded in the VITEC’s Media Assets Management (MAM) system for later Video on Demand delivery through COPA EUROPE TV Application. EKTACOM provided User Generated live video stream (UGC), captured along the tracks using the Ektacom’s COPA EUROPE smartphone Application, as two additional video streaming sources. Both live and VoD video were accessible through COPA EUROPE TV Application, managed by Worldline. Via LiveU Director portal, the video stream from the LiveU backpack was associated with the COPA EUROPE Blockchain platform via FORTH Coordinator APIs and traced throughout the workflow, providing provenance between the multiple components.This use case demonstrated a multi-vendor cloud-based live video workflows. The Video Gateway, MAM and streamer were all hosted on a private cloud by FORTH.

This trial was a success, with all expected features tested and validated.

Furthermore, Anthony Fournier, driver of the RCC Alpine car, equipped with Nomade Cars prototype, won the 3 races in the Gentlemen category.

Many thanks to the RCC team who welcome COPA EUROPE for this amazing Use Case 3 (glass to glass scenario) final trial.