Sports and esports community participate in COPA EUROPE activities

As part of the Copa Europe activities two co-creation workshops, with participants from fields of production of e-sports and sports, took place. In these workshops, the overall current and future demands and necessities, were discussed.

In the first workshop an extensive discussion with people involved in e-sports took place. They presented sources to access relevant material, and the need for better support whet is comes to statistics infographics, relevant historical data and instant interaction with social media.

In the second workshop the participants were technicians, journalists, people responsible for production and the director of athletic Channels of Forthnet. Each of them according to their role in production presented how a live event is covered, what are the challenges and what can be improved. It was requested the implementation of an automated way to export and present highlights, faster interaction with social media, faster access to the content of a live athletic event and a more efficient way to produce and pleasantly present relevant statistics.