The COPA EUROPE digital marketplace for content exchange

The COPA EUROPE digital marketplace is designed to represent media content in the form of digital assets or tokens, so as to allow solving one of the key concerns and issues of royalty payments to the IP owners of media content. More specifically, the COPA EUROPE digital marketplace provides use case users with services to access, manage and trade the tokenized assets, either in the form of media and copyright representation and as for payment purposes.


The digital marketplace tackles different aspects of the media tokenization process, e.g. devise a token-based system based on blockchain to facilitate content sharing by digitalizing access to the content in the form of tokens; and extend tokenization standards to allow expressing different terms of tokens use, such as licensing, sharing, leasing, renting and copyrights minting. It is in charge of the blockchain authentication and signature procedures and provides the services for auditability and traceability of any transaction arrangements.


The tokenization of media content and copyright (non-fungible assets) and the creation of a payment token (fungible asset) are the main featured highlights for the digital marketplace technical architecture, which is built on top of the newest addition to the Hyperledger family, the new blockchain-powered database Hyperledger Orion[1]. Additionally, traceability and secure signature of transactions are provided with the digital marketplace service repository.



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 957059.