Welcome to our first newsletter!

We are aware of the very difficult times that the leisure, culture and sports sectors are going through, and such situation motivates us even more to work side by side with all relevant stakeholders in the ambition of COPA EUROPE to contribute to the activation and recovery of these sectors. We started this exciting and challenging initiative just six months ago, it is going to be a long three-years journey in which a team consisting of a perfect mix of European universities, research centers, high-tech SMEs and large industries are working together to take the best of these technologies, designing a solution that can meet the expectations of these sectors. In this newsletter we are bringing to you our first thoughts, findings and developments, I hope that you will enjoy them. I am very pleased that we are issuing today our first newsletter of the COPA EUROPE project. Our project aims at bringing the most advanced technologies to the sports and esports sectors, leveraging on OTT streaming services to engage the user, incentivizing user-generated content and providing an enhanced user experience with the delivery of personalized contents.