COPA EUROPE envisages the implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure for harvesting, accommodating, transcoding , and distributing digital media with regard to European sport events. The platform will encompass all the necessary core services and components for an end-to-end collection, collaborative authoring , and distribution of high quality interactive digital content to multiple channels everywhere. As such, the project will focus on the following objectives:

Objective 1:

To design a decentralised E2E platform for sports media channel federation, enrichment , and broadcasting.

Objective 2:

To implement the infrastructure needed to allow content creators and producers of live coverage to react in an adaptable and flexible way to live sports outcomes.

Objective 3:

To disrupt the OTT sports media services market with unprecedented flexibility of purchasing and subscription management options.

Objective 4:

To produce higher quality services that respect users’ personal data and privacy by capitalising on data network effects through federated learning.

Objective 5:

To implement content adaptation and Quality-of-Experience for interactive high quality media delivery.

Objective 6:

To develop and pilot alternative platforms for broadcasting the content, connecting fans with detailed, real-time information.

Objective 7:

To validate the COPA EUROPE vision through solid, real-life use cases and public, live demonstrators.

Objective 8:

To implement impact-driven dissemination, standardisation, and exploitation.