COPA EUROPE aims to address the exploding demand for non-linear sports consumption (live and eSports) by leveraging Over-the-Top (OTT) sports media services and combining them with new set of media technologies that will democratise the consumer experience, enable cost-sensitive live video from anywhere, and personalise the distribution to change the experience of each viewer individually. COPA EUROPE will deliver a cloud-based infrastructure for harvesting, accommodating, transmitting and distributing digital media with regards to sport and competitive events, including the infrastructure needed to allow content creators and producers of live coverage to react to live outcomes, via innovative workflows.

Strategic Objectives

COPA EUROPE envisages the implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure for harvesting,  accommodating, transcoding and distributing digital media [..]

Overall Concept

COPA EUROPE aims to address the exploding demand for non-linear, more engaging sports content consumption, globally and without borders, by leveraging OTT [..]


COPA EUROPE benefits from an industry-led consortium comprised of ten (10) partners from six (6) European countries. All partners have high innovation capabilities [..]